About Us

Welcome to our Silver Screen Animals
Specializing in Dogs>Cats>Birds>Exotics>Rodents>Barnyard and Reptiles

Silver Screen Animals is dedicated to providing Talented Animals and Professional Trainers to every project. We have a passion for what we do. Save time and money by using one of our Set-Savvy animals.   We are honest and reliable and determined to help you find the best animal for your project. Silver Screen Animals is all about customer service: You can talk to us about all of your animal concerns. We are happy to supply breakdowns for you scripts and can show you alternative ways to accomplish the animal action within your budget.
A little about our “Trainers”
We are called trainers but actually we are teachers-just teaching animals. We multitask on set; we are acting coaches and script interpreters to our
animals, safety consultants and sometimes even hair and make-up artists. Our trainers love the challenge of discovering a way to convey the scripts action to the animal actor. The highlights of our day are the “Light Bulb Moments” , when the animal pupil and teacher share the excitement of grasping a new concept or behavior. Our Animals learn how to learn and love the stimulation and attention involved in becoming confident actors. We use positive reinforcement and teach our animals with Toys, Food and lots of Praise! Our “Animal Teachers” are professionals, whose knowledge, of the animals and the set, will contribute to a safe and successful shoot. Many of our animals are a “rags to riches” story and are adopted from shelters or individuals you can no longer care for them.
A little about our founder
Cheryl Harris is the founder of Silver Screen Animals
Like most people with a passion for animals “she was just born this way”.  Cheryl spent ten years working with exotic animals like Lions, Tigers, Bears, Chimps, Wolves, Hawks, Parrots and just about everything with Fur and Feathers. Another ten years specializing in Dogs and Cats lead Cheryl to open her own company in 1999.  With such a diverse background, Silver Screen Animals has a lot of knowledge and passion to bring to any project.